As jewelers at adamas we produce almost all of our jewelry in our own workshop. We use green gold with the “ecogold” label certified by the “responsible jewelry council (RJC)” in London.  The gold we use is exclusively recycled.

When producing a piece of jewelry only about a third of the gold ends up in the finished article the rest are snippets and filings and gold dust. Naturally this valuable “trash” is collected and recycled.

Because gold is such a special material it has been recycled throughout the ages. Almost all the gold found in history  remains in circulation. The ring you just bought yesterday may contain some atoms from the gold Sir Francis Drake “stole” from the Spanish on one of his voyages commissioned by queen Elisabeth I. Most of the recycled gold jewelry comes  from much less romantic sources. The gold chain that has not been worn for 10 years is sold, the wedding band of the failed marriage or the flattened ring one rolled over with a car is sold to be recycled.

Gold to be recycled


used gold jewellry


White gold clipings


Filings and gold dust